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Updated      05/01/15

We are located near Denver, Colorado USA

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Redburn    Franko x Rachel keeper male pup  
10 weeks

Bo  x  Leah  Male      Owned by others


Rachel Male         Owned by others

Bo x Rachel Male    Owned by others

Rocko x Vee female (Nani) now known as Shamoo.

Nino and Shamoo enjoying the good life
at their new home.

owned by Demetrius


Faith, one athletic ball chasing female.

Monster bulldogs!!

Franko and His new friend Lizzy  

Lizzy's page                 Franko's page


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Rocky----One athletic muscular bulldog



Awesome Rocko x Rachel Male
owned by others

Ken Henry's Girl Temperance pulling 9233 lbs.

         192 times her own body weight!!

She is a  daughter to Zane x Electra pup we produced.

Ruffian and Asnath 
(Ruffian is one of the most athletic dogs we have produced) 

Ciena  and  Rachel in the background,
sisters from the same litter.  Strong back legs.

Chrisy  One buff Female

Redbull in his Prime! Grand sire of the Rocky Mountain bulldog

Nino  Bo Hawken male  (Bo x Juicy)  Owned by others

Ruffian x Gilly Male owned by others

Current Dogs:  


Redford  RM bulldog male  Redbull x Holly
                    Redford's Page 


Franko  bulldogge male  Bo x Jocelyn 
                  Franko's Page 

Bo Hawken  Bulldogge Male

              Bo's Page  



Latest addition Lizzy   


        Bellany is our latest addition.
Bellany is a female out of Bo Hawken and a Rachel breeding.

                Bellany's Page

Rachel   RM bulldog Female

                Rachel's Page

Juicy  AB  Female  Rocky x Big Dottie

                Juicy's Page

Vee  Bulldogge Female  Bo x Juicy

            Vee's Page

Awesome past litter Rocko x Teerza pups.

Past pups

Past pups

Some past puppies Bo x Rachel

Keeper Pups Page 

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