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Updated      09/02/15

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We are located near Denver, Colorado USA

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Next Best Thing:
Redburn and Bonnie Brae As pups.   New Photos soon!!!

Breeding Announcement:

New breeding:  Redford x Lila  
         Due July 10th 2015

This is a Rocky Mountain Bulldogge Breeding!

Current breeding Pedigree.
Redbull x Holly  Redford's Father and Mother

Bo x Rachel    Lila's Father and Mother

Redford   (Redbull x Holly)              Lila  (Bo x Rachel) 

We are Very Pleased with this breeding.

We have puppies!!
10 pups born
     5 males and 5 females

Redford x Lila Pups "Fun In The Sun"

Beautifully structured Female!


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