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American bulldogs, Rocky Mountain bulldogs,
Buff bulldogges

Sure Foundation Genetics:


We love bulldogs.
Healthy, strong, happy and intelligent.

We live on 40 acres and our dogs love to run and play!
We enjoy and are grateful for the privilege of owning such
beautiful animals and do everything we can to promote
responsible care and breeding.  Some of our most memorable
and happy moments have been with our dogs as a part of our
family and way of life.   

"Don't ever allow animal abuse or neglect."

Updated      3/17/19

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We are located near Denver, Colorado USA

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Tugger x Bonnie Male

Tugger x Bonnie Male


Rocky the one and only!  Semen available Frozen

Redford  (Redbull x Holly)

Link:  Redfords Page

Tugger   at 6 months (Redford x Lila)

Tugger at 8 weeks.

Tugger at about 2 years

Link:    Tugger's Page

Bolt----- is back home with us!!!

Vee and Franko playing in the field.

Snow  (Bolt x Lila) female 8 weeks

Snow  (Bolt x Lila) female 2 years old

Josey  (Redford x Juicy) female keeper, Our latest addition.

Link:     Josey's Page

Josey at about 2 years (Redford x Juicy)

Tugger's page

Next Best Thing Coming Up!! Redburn and Bonnie Brae

Redburn and Bonnie Brae As pups.  

Reburn's page

Redburn  (Franko x Rachel male)   and  Bonnie Brae  (Rocko x Vee female) at about a year.

Bonnie Brae  (Rocko x Vee)  at a year old. She is starting to put it on.

Bonnie enjoying the sun and water.

Studs Available: See the 

Studs Page!

Beautifully structured stud
on the
bully studs page. 
Tyson Jr. (Big Tyson x Gilly)

Ringo of Bolderbullies  Hollywood x Ch Niobi 

         On the
Bully Studs page


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