Bolt-------Rocky Mountain bulldog Male 
Ruffian x Lafonda


Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we have the great

privilege of re-acquiring Bolt.  He was placed as a puppy with a great family

locally in Denver a few years ago and has grown into a fantastic specimen.

He is out of Ruffian and Lanfonda the only line breeding we have done to date. We

ended up keeping Faith out of this litter and could not have been more please with her.

This breeding was very successful and produced some fantastic dogs. We

are privileged to own Bolt again and breed him back into our current program. 

Like Faith, Bolt is a ball chasing mad man.

Bolt-----  in our living room when he came to visit a couple of years ago.

Ruffian bolts Father, Lafonda Bolts mother.
Ruffian   (Redbull x Jasmine)  Bolts father.                         Lafonda   (Redbull x Jasmine) Bolts mother.

Ruffian x Lafonda litter.
Faith and Bolt as puppies

Ruffian----- Bolts father 

Bolts mother. 

Faith----Bolts litter mate.

Faith--Bolt litter mate

Redbull Ruffians Father

Jasmine of Dailey Ruffians mother.
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