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Updated      3/18/16

New Breeding has taken place.

Bolt x Lila Due 20th of January 2016

Current breeding pedigree.

New breeding Bolt and Lila.
Bolt (Ruffian x Lafonda)                       Lila (Bo x Rachel)

Bolt's Page              
Lila's page 

Male A   Taken


Male B     Taken


Male C   1st pick male Taken


Female D     1st pick Female  Taken

Bolt x Lila pups at 6 weeks

Bolt x Lila pups at 5 weeks

Bolt x Lila pups



1st pick male-------Taken

2nd pick male------Taken 

3rd pick male-------Taken

4th pick male-------Taken


1st pick female--------Taken

2end pick female-----Buffdogs keeper

3rd pick female-------Taken





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