Old English Bulldogges



Bo Bulldogge Male                      Franko Buffdogge Male
Registered                                IOEBA Registered


Nino and Franko Monster bulldogges   

Nino's Page                Franko's Page 

Nino and Franko May, 2013

Bo Hawken is our primary stud for the bulldogge line:
 We will be acquireing an outside female
 or two for diversity.   He is on site.




Bo x Jocelyn breeding produced Franko    On site.  





Nino  Bo x Juicy Male Bulldogge  at bout 10 months 



Nino bo x Juicy Male bulldogge   on site 
          Nino at about 7 months

Norad    Bo x Electra   Male    
Owned by others

Bo x Jocelyn produced buffdogs Bo-Lo He is back East!! Owned by others!!

Bo x Faith Male 6 weeks  

Dozer Bo x Matty2 owned by others

Dozer of Barn Yard Bullies Bo x Matty2

Dozer Bo x Matty2 Male

Viva  Bo x Jocelyn keeper female pup


Orrin Bo x Jocelyn Male keeper pup       


Bo x Jocelyn Female 

Bo x Jocelyn female

Nino Vee


Bo x Rachel breeding produced Jethro
                 This is Jethro at 1 year!!  
                            Owned by others now!

Decker   Bo x Holly  

Bo x Jocelyn breeding produced 
Teerza      On site.

Snow   Bo X Remmy


Bo x Daisy Males Copper and Gunner   

   11 Months old   Bo x daisy

Chopper   Bo x Daisy Male   at 11 months

           Gunner  and  Chopper Video 

   Daisy is mother to Gunner and Chopper


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