Rocky Mountain Bulldogs

Rocky Mountain Bulldogs
 (RM bulldogs) 

Rocko and Teerza playing.

                   Rocko and Teerza playing.

Rocko and Teerza



Phat Dottie                                         Ruby


Redbull x Sunny ---Tank

Rush                                                       Redford Rachel female

Buffdogs  wallpaper:



Rocky Mountain bulldogs are our unique Bandogge Mastiff cross.

The RM bulldogs are American bulldog, Neo Mastiff, and boxer cross. Boxer was used in lieu of
pitbull to make the dogs more family friendly and to provide energy and athleticism. We used
Neo Mastiff of course for size and bones. The secret ingredient we feel has been the quality
American bulldogs we have been blessed with being able to use.


Redford  (Redbull x Holly)  RM bulldog male
pictured at 16 months.

Redbull  This is our grand sire, the one that started it all for us.


Redford and Dolce





Electra  Redbull x Carmen   Very straight and correct.

Jocelyn     Ruffian x Remmy  

Ruffian                                      Asnath

Lexus  Ruffian Redbull x Jasmine            


Rachel  Redbull x Remmy      




Cody   Redbull x Ralley  

Ruffian son  East Coast Bandogs    


Chrisy great structure!!
Chrisy  Ruffian x Remmy

Ruffian x Lafonda

Ruffian x Remmy  


Faith  Ruffian x Lafonda


Rebel  Big Red x Ginger     

Big Zane   Redbull x Gilly






Rio                                                                              Ciena  

   Lexus                                                            Robs Redman                                              


Lafonda                                                                  Jewels                                                                   Arnold 

Ciena  and Rachel in background                                                Lexus                                                  Ruffian  




Matty                                                                                                                            Matty 2



Phat Dottie and Tank                    Macky's Tank









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